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DeSoto Fiberglass Pool - Side view and Overhead View


Length: 35’
Width: 13’2”
Shallow End Depth: 4’
Deep End Depth: 6’1”

DeSoto Fiberglass Pool - Side View and Overhead View
DeSoto Fiberglass Pool
Entry stairs for DeSoto Fiberglass Pool
Fiberglass Spas - Poolside and Spillover


Spa Collection

Our traditional Poolside Spas are designed to sit flush with the deck giving you a relaxing spa at the edge of your pool. The Spillover Spa also sits flush with your deck at the edge of your pool with its water spilling over into your pool, making it both a relaxing spa and a cascading waterfall feature.

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Unless otherwise specified, all Blue Anchor Pools are non-diving pools. Safety features such as fencing, no diving signage, and handrails may not appear in some photos in this brochure based on photographic angles, but these and other safety features should always be used in accordance with International Swimming Pool and Spa Code standards and local regulations.
Finish colors are replicated here as closely as the printing process allows. Please ask your pool representative for a physical color sample for best results.
Renderings are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to serve as exact/scaled representations of the actual product. All measurements are from widest outside edges of pool shell and may vary by up to 3%.
*Pool lengths, widths and depths may vary up to 3%.
*Pools are measured from the widest point on each side of the outside edge